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Project Planning, Management,
and Wellsite Supervision

Drilling, Completion and Stimulation, Production and Facilities / Comprehensive Prospect Development


The Permian Basin is our backyard and we've been playing in it a long time. We are poised to help you bring maximum value to your oil and gas prospect through hard-earned expertise in drilling, completion and stimulation, artificial lift and facilities preparation. We can help you design and execute the appropriate plan for your properties to generate either maximum return on investment, or for longer term maximized product extraction.


Horizontal or vertical, we can help you determine well placement, find the rig, estimate the cost, design the wells, secure the permits, set up all services, and supervise the drilling from spud to rig release. Many of our associates and drilling supervisors have "seen it all" and are prepared to handle lost circulation, water flows, hydrocarbon influx and other situations with a delicate touch and an eye on safety all the while keeping the primary goal in mind – getting your wells drilled safely and efficiently.


Multistage horizontals or single-stage verticals, ball operated sleeves or plug and perf, or anything in between, we'll help you plan well spacing, find the appropriate stimulation for your reservoir including a balance between overall cost, number of entry points, size of stages, proppant cost and crush resistance. Slick water fracs. borate crosslink gels, or acidizing, once a pathway is determined, we review competing designs, help you select the one appropriate for your needs and budget, handle all logistics, and supervise your fracs from start to finish.


When your well starts out flowing at 1000+ BOPD, you don't need plunger lift, but you do need a good tank battery. Based on well tests or anticipated production, we'll design and build a battery appropriate for your needs, including sufficient separation and adequate storage capacity. Once artificial lift becomes beneficial, we'll determine a suitable method, compare designs, choose the most appropriate system and install it.

What We Do

Personnel available to handle your design, management and supervisory needs:

  • Project Managers
  • Drilling Consultants
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Completion Engineers

  • Completion Consultants
  • Stimulation Engineers 
  • Frac Consultants 
  • Production Engineers 

  • Workover Consultants
  • Facilities Engineers 
  • Construction Specialists
  • Reservoir Engineers

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